S.B.C ''VASILOPITA'' 2020 !!!







The 37th Salonica Basketball Camp was successfully completed, with this success being based on a very competent coaching staff that combined the experience and youthful enthusiasm as well as the dedication of the participants to the excellent program of the S.B.C. 2019.
S.B.C. this year also hosted children from all over Greece, as well as from Cyprus, England, Albania and France, thus keeping the long tradition of the international appeal of the camp of Ted Rodopoulos.
At the Shooting Camp of this year's 37th Salonica Basketball Camp, coach of Steve Collar, one of the best sports teachers with experience in shooting teaching, led an experienced coaching staff.
The S.B.C. 2019 was honored by the presence of: Lazaros Papadopoulos, Dimitris Verginis, Thodoris Zaras and Stelios Poulianitis.
The director of Salonica Basketball Camp Ted Rodopoulos and the coaching staff wish the players of S.B.C. to have a good summer and good sports season, renewing their appointment for the 38th Salonica Basketball Camp in June 2020 !!!

Coach Th. Rodopoulos teaches the secrets of basketball


Coach Steve Collar teaches the secrets of the shooting.


Lazaros Papadopoulos teaches BIG MAN moves.


Dimitris Verginis answers questions from the athletes of S.B.C.


Thodoris Zaras shares his experiences on this year's A1.


Stelios Poulianitis talks about the years that he was an athlete of S.B.C.


The dormitorians of S.B.C. in the Y.M.C.A. Basketball Hall of Fame .


The dormitorians of S.B.C. in the statue of Alexander the Great.

See you in the summer of 2020!!!












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