The American College of Thessaloniki (also known as Anatolia), which located at the hill of Panorama in the city of Thessaloniki, hosts Salonica Basketball Camp every summer. 

Anatolia combines an excellent physical environment and modern facilities, two additional essential assets for success and the high level of satisfaction participants express every summer in SBC. 

Among the most useful areas are the two indoor basketball gyms and the seven outdoor basketball courts, which are used during most hours of the day.  A weight room, a conference - audiovisual room, a snack canteen, and two libraries are also available for participants on a daily basis.  

Anatolia’s recently renovated student halls offer all the necessary comforts for an exciting and secure settlement.  Players stay at rooms of 2 or 3, they are under the supervision of coaches, and receive delicious food prepared by ACT’s foodservice on a daily basis.  

Anatolia’s green landscape and the overall outstanding conditions contribute to turn a regular week of basketball practice to an unforgettable lifetime memory.  That is why SBC annually receives participations from all over Greece, Cyprus, as well as other countries.





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