“ASTERIA” Basketball Academy started back in 1991 as a continuity of Salonica Basketball Camp, making action the wish of parents that brought their kids in the SBC, in order for something equivalent to exist for their children during winter.

Nowadays, “ASTERIA” Basketball Academy operates as a basketball team with attendance in the all championships and tournaments of the local basketball association (E.KA.S.TH.), and also by attending friendlily tournaments allover Greece and abroad.

“ASTERIA” Basketball Academy is the only program that from Academy became a Team, on the contrary with what usually happens, when Teams create Academies. And is the only team allover Greece, which by decision of its inspirator Ted Rodopoulos releases its athletes in the 19th year of their age.

Coach Ted Rodopoulos, by creating “ASTERIA” Basketball Academy wanted to show a prototype of how basketball academies in general should operate. Thus, in each practice in the American Farm School gym, 3 - 5 trainers are on court in order to teach the fundamentals of the game, under the direct supervision of Coach Ted Rodopoulos.







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